Investment Banking
We advise and structure both public and private market transactions ranging from second-tier capital raising strategies to multi-billion dollar mergers through debt and equity funding.
Focusing on stock and portfolio selection, an experienced BV research team provides turnkey solutions tailored to work in concert with the client investment process.
Sales & Trading
Blaylock Van serves a broad base of institutional investors ranging from plan sponsors and public pension funds to hedge funds and asset managers.
Municipal Finance
Blaylock Van has a committed municipal finance team that continues to grow both geographically and in its origination and distribution capabilities.
Retail investors
Blaylock Van offers a wide array of services for the retail environment.
Retail Investors
We are a full-service broker.
About bv

      Taxable Fixed Income Investments

      Performance is the centerpiece of our Blaylock Van (BV) Fixed Income investment sales & trading mission statement. The Fixed Income sales and trading unit at BV strives to maximize added value and exceed client goals, utilizing accountability, trading efficiency, and teamwork. We recognize that the success of our firm is based on our ability to deliver consistent, quality execution to our clients during the process of trading CDs, bonds, stocks, and other financial assets. Our commitment in every client relationship is to elevate our level of responsiveness and understanding to fulfill each specific client’s unique needs and objectives.

      Our team specialized in fixed income investments at BV is highly regarded for its opportunistic trading. This strategy allows clients to benefit from mis-pricings, market dislocations, supply-demand imbalances, and other special situations that present themselves. Weare committed to supporting a wide range of new issue and secondary fixed income investment products, including multiple classes of both US Agency debt, corporate bonds, and preferred stocks.

      We have been able to leverage our combined distribution and marketing networks to fit the needs of many sizable, frequent issuers in ongoing sales and trading investments. A seasoned domestic staff with an average of 20 years experience located in Oakland, Chicago, and New York provides proprietary idea generation and trade execution with the following domestic and international client base: Asset Managers, Plan Sponsors, Municipalities, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, and Banks. BV partners with these organizations in sales and trading investments consisting of CDs, bonds, stocks, and other fixed income assets.
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      Blaylock Van, LLC is Wall Street’s longest continuously operated African American investment banking and financial services company, providing corporate debt and equity underwriting, sales and trading and municipal finance for over 30 years.
      Member FINRA/SIPC
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