Research Offerings

Strategy Research

We approach stock selection and portfolio construction from a multitude of angles. Whether value, core, growth, sector, enhanced, or long/short, BV has a library of alphas designed to address each of these styles. We provide forward portfolio constituents and weights, historical and projected performance metrics, as well as composition of alphas on a monthly, quarterly and/or on-demand basis.

Economic Commentary

Our team of market strategists routinely issues commentary on global market movements and macro-economic trends. Strategists examine a wide range of data, indicators and factors that affect the market’s movement from interest rates to Fed Policy, and from currency market trends to consumer sentiment. We combine this bottom-up approach with our technical and quantitative data to provide our own perspective on global financial markets.

ELROI- Research Analytics

ELROI is an innovative research and portfolio analysis product developed by Blaylock Van. A powerful application, ELROI transforms the data found on most financial databases into information that can aid research analysts and portfolio managers in their analysis of individual equity securities and portfolios. View and save the ELROI Brochure by clicking here.  To visit the ELROI portal and to sign-up for a demonstration, please click here.

Transparency of Analyst’s Performance

Beginning on July 31, 2011, BV makes publicly available, in downloadable format within 90 days after the conclusion of each quarter, such information included in any research report (other than purely quantitative analysis by BV) the following information: The Subject Company, Name(s) of Analyst(s) responsible for certification of the research report pursuant to Regulation AC, date of report, rating, price target, period within which the price target is to be achieved, earnings per share forecast(s) period(s) for which such forecast(s) are applicable, and the definition or explanation of ratings used by BV.