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We advise and structure both public and private market transactions ranging from second-tier capital raising strategies to multi-billion dollar mergers through debt and equity funding.
Focusing on stock and portfolio selection, an experienced BV research team provides turnkey solutions tailored to work in concert with the client investment process.
Sales & Trading
Blaylock Van serves a broad base of institutional investors ranging from plan sponsors and public pension funds to hedge funds and asset managers.
Municipal Finance
Blaylock Van has a committed municipal finance team that continues to grow both geographically and in its origination and distribution capabilities.
Retail investors
Blaylock Van offers a wide array of services for the retail environment.
Retail Investors
We are a full-service broker.
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Diversity and Inclusion and The Changing Corporate Landscape
Diversity and inclusion initiatives are evolving and becoming a critical element within many US corporations. It does not take much to see that organizations and employees are also embracing diversity now more than ever. Unfortunately, many companies have been left behind in this transformative peri...
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US Pharma, Pfizer, and the first Vaccine
US pharma should be profiting tremendously from the newly discovered vaccine that will end the pandemic. While that appeared to make sense at first, a look at share prices shows the industry is not doing so well. Take, as an example, the firm who invented the first Covid-19 vaccine: Pfizer. It was a...
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Unemployment III - Across Ethnic Groups
The COVID-19 pandemic impacted labor markets across the board but ended up damaging some industries more than others. While some ethnic groups are more prevalent in certain industries than others, the crisis led to a wider disparity in unemployment between Whites/Asians versus African Americans/Lati...
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Unemployment II The Summer of Love and Job Creation
The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced 916 thousand jobs in March, confirming a bullish economic recovery. But this recovery has been uneven across sectors. Workers in construction, leisure and hospitality have been deeply affected by Covid-19, especially if compared to white collar professionals ...
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Online vs. Brick And Mortar Retail Recovery
Online sales grew substantially, while brick-and-mortar contracted slightly. Within online, Amazon continues to reign, but is losing space to other large retailers (such as Target, Walmart). Smaller shops moving online fared better than their peers stuck on the physical space alone. Across sectors, ...
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Covid-19 Recovery’s Lagging Indicators: Unemployment and Workers’ Participation in the Economy
Is the recovery just around the corner? 2020 was a devastating year. The US economy slid from “business as usual” to a severe lockdown within a matter of days last March. Analysts1 now disagree on when the US economy will have a strong economic recovery, or whether some lagging indicators2 may d...
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GameStop, Reddit, Robinhood, Gen Zers, Warren and the SEC
What happened? - On January 25th. Reddit's r/WallstreetBets allegedly incited investors to concertedly boost stock prices and put a squeeze in hedge funds' short positions on GameStop shares. The squeeze forced funds to post billions in collateral as share prices soared 1,625% in a week. Young inves...
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America's COVID Recovery - A Macro Economic Analysis
America’s Covid crisis was a one in a hundred-year plague, a Black Swan event per se. It is important to take a hard look at this year, and what lays ahead in the coming months, across countries, industries, and demographics. Countries – If you went back in time, you would find it hard to believ...
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Following the Money: New Ways of Funding Healthcare Companies Could Mean More New Drugs Faster
The pace of advancement in our understanding of numerous diseases and our ability to treat those diseases has moved forward at a staggering rate, in good part driven by the availability of investment capital to fund new companies developing new therapies.  Breakthroughs in healthcare tend to follow...
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Diversity And Inclusion Services For Investors & Government Agencies
Blaylock Van, LLC offers a wide variety of client-centered investment services such as Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Municipal Finance, & more. Blaylock Van Offers Diversity and Inclusion Services to Investors and Government Agencies Blacklock Van LLC, the longest continuously operati...
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Blaylock Van, LLC is Wall Street’s longest continuously operated African American investment banking and financial services company, providing corporate debt and equity underwriting, sales and trading and municipal finance for over 30 years.
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