Investment Banking
We advise and structure both public and private market transactions ranging from second-tier capital raising strategies to multi-billion dollar mergers through debt and equity funding.
Focusing on stock and portfolio selection, an experienced BV research team provides turnkey solutions tailored to work in concert with the client investment process.
Sales & Trading
Blaylock Van serves a broad base of institutional investors ranging from plan sponsors and public pension funds to hedge funds and asset managers.
Municipal Finance
Blaylock Van has a committed municipal finance team that continues to grow both geographically and in its origination and distribution capabilities.
Retail investors
Blaylock Van offers a wide array of services for the retail environment.
Retail Investors
We are a full-service broker.
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Investing In Times Of High Inflation
Which stocks to pick when fixed income doesn’t do the trick? Executive Summary: Inflation is reaching new highs as the economy recovers from the pandemic. With declining purchasing power, investors analyze new strategies to preserve value. An indiscriminate mass migration to variable income may be...
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Corporate Bonds Are Issuing At Low Yields
Why you should look into issuing investment grade paper before the Fed changes its mind… Executive Summary: The window to issue new corporate bonds at historically low yields might be closing soon. The Fed just announced its intent to taper the exchange-traded funds (ETF) and bond purchase program...
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Funding Biden's Infrastructure Plan
President Biden’s plan: The proposed initial value of the plan was US $2 trillion—the Republicans settled for US $1.2 trillion. 1 This is the largest spending package since Obama’s 2009 economic rescue plan: It introduces US $621 billion for urban and interstate ground transport systems. 2 The...
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U.S. Infrastructure needs improvement
U.S. Infrastructure is falling behind its competitors: Over the last few years, global infrastructure rankings have identified that the U.S. infrastructure is dangerously falling behind that of its global peers and competitors (e.g., China 1 ). The U.S. currently ranks 13th in the World, behind Japa...
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Diversity in Financial Services: What Happens Next?
By now you have read about the issue of diversity in modern companies with several reputable sources and statistics to back up these claims. It is not a secret that diversity and inclusion is an issue that corporate firms need to address immediately. Women and people of color have historically been ...
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The Positive Financial Externalities of Diversity
By now, you probably understand that introducing diversity into the corporate work sphere is the right thing to do by most people’s ethical and moral standards. However, businesses across the country that have embraced these initiatives have seen improvements in their financials as well. When empl...
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Inflation Pressures In The Market
And how it relates to Municipals As the Federal Government begins to announce projects such as the American Jobs Plan, investors have begun to pay increasing attention to inflationary pressures in the market. Unprecedented stimulus packages aimed at providing economic relief to the individuals, busi...
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Board Measure: Does Your Board Measure Up?
Conversations of increasing diversity and inclusion often begin amongst lower-level workers, with those concerns being escalated to higher management. Generally, their supervisors will convene with internal human resource departments to decide whether or not they deem the issue pertinent enough to a...
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A Unique Opportunity to Muni Issuers
The lowest trading volume in two decades has been leading investors to acquire more and more new local and state Muni issuances, even at low spreads. Executive Summary: If you are a municipal bond issuer, there is no better time to issue new bonds. The Muni bond market is red hot and ready to absorb...
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Procurement and the Need for Racially Diverse Selection
It is common knowledge that the United States is currently more diverse than ever before. Just take a walk through any major city in the country - you will certainly see a mixture of all races, genders, ethnicities, and ages coexisting in peace. However, many businesses still neglect the idea that d...
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Blaylock, Van LLC - Celebrating Over 30 Years
Blaylock Van, LLC is Wall Street’s longest continuously operated African American investment banking and financial services company, providing corporate debt and equity underwriting, sales and trading and municipal finance for over 30 years.
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